Liver surgery is most commonly indicated for resection or removal of liver cancer. It may be done laparoscopically or by conventional open surgery, depending on the site of the tumour. The most common indication is the removal of primary liver tumour. Patients with this condition will often have other treatments such as liver transplant, transarterial chemoembolisation and many more.

The next most common indication is other tumours of liver like biliary cyst adenoma, metastasis( Colorectal/ Neuroendocrine tumour )

Other tumours of the liver such as cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the bile duct), gallbladder cancer and rare tumours are appropriate for surgical treatment.

There are a number of benign tumours of the liver, most of which can be monitored and do not need to be removed.

Up to 70 per cent of a healthy liver can be removed as it will regenerate. In patients with chronic liver disease less can be safely removed.